Dots or Dashes?

Film Specs
Running Time: 10 minutes
Language: English
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Victorian Era
Year Created: 2014

A young telegraph operator in 1870s San Jose, CA flirts via Morse code with a person of unknown gender at the other end of the wire.

Alice is a telegraph operator in 1877 in San Jose, CA. When not transmitting important messages, Alice likes to flirt in Morse code with her counterpart at the main office, the mysterious D. Her sarcastic office-mate, Clifford, interrupts her frequently to gossip about idiot customers and tease her about not knowing even the gender of her over-the-wire crush. She'd like to make friends face-to-face, but her hectic work schedule prevents her from ever making it back to her boarding house in time for the shared evening meal, much less meeting her over-the-wire friend D. One evening, a change in routine leads to the observation of an important clue and Alice takes advantage of the opportunity to seize the moment (and the girl).

close-up of hand on telegraph key

The film was completed in November of 2014 and is being submitted to film festivals for the 2015 season.