Character Descriptions

Here's our current thinking on each character. Some of these are still evolving, but they should provide a glimpse of what we're trying for.

Jack is our normal guy. He's pretty cool, dresses well. Think metrosexual. He's had fun being the dashing man about town, but this girl Gwendolen has captured all of his attention and he's working up the nerve to pop the question.

Gwendolen is a sophisticated urbanite, but also a thrill-seeker. She's not quite as wild as she used to be, but mostly because her pleasures have gotten more subtle, rather than an actual trend towards conformity. She's an exhibitionist, but hasn't had much success in getting Jack to indulge her. She's a little worried about scaring him off (she really does like him) but feels it's time to nudge things in the right direction.

Algernon is Jack's flamboyant best friend. Jack picked him up at a club one night and they've have had a pretty casual, non-monogamous relationship since then. Recently Jack's been getting serious with Algy's cousin Gwendolen and Algy's starting to feel a little neglected. He has conflicted feelings as he has always admired Gwendolen - she taught him everything he knows.

Cecily has led a sheltered life, but she makes up in enthusiasm and imagination what she lacks in experience. When her "wicked cousin Earnest" shows up out of the blue, she's quick to take advantage of the situation.

Lady Bracknell is a domineering presence. She has a strong will and expects to be the center of attention at all times.

Miss Prism is Cecily's governess. She's the strict but sexy librarian type in public, and privately she pursues her interests in BDSM as a dominatrix. That's how she met Chasuble. Lately she's taken to bringing up the subject of marriage - letting it be known that a move in that direction would be rewarded, rather than punished.

Rev. Chasuble is the local priest. He's a nice young man, friendly and eager. He takes his duties quite seriously and makes an effort to minister to his parishioners at the slightest opportunity. He really enjoys talking to Jack, especially when Jack has a new story about his wicked brother Earnest. He is a submissive to Miss Prism.

Lane is the Jeeves to Algernon's Wooster - a gentleman's personal gentleman - a valet - very proper, but a willing accomplice to Algy's schemes.

Merriman is the butler at the Manor House, but wasn't hired by Jack and feels no special bond of loyalty to him. He was Mr. Cardew's man (Jack's adopted and Cecily's grand-father) and sees the current gaggle of youngsters running about the place as somewhat of a nuisance. However, he has a wide mischievous streak, and amuses himself at their expense. He always seems to pick the most awkward moment to serve tea or announce guests. He's also quite the voyeur and manages to walk in on several of the intimate scenes that occur at the Manor. This part is flexible, and could also work with other ages, or by changing the role from butler to housekeeper or parlormaid.

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